Research and Overview Videos

Popular Science Overview

The Frontier of Computing - Quantum Technology Documentary (June 2015)
US Department of Energy Cyber Distinguished Lecture Series - Prof. Winfried Hensinger explains quantum computing. (August 2016)
Video from the Physics World 25 anniversary special about 5 physics spin-offs that will change our lives (October 2013)

Introduction to the IQT Group (September 2013)

Rise of Quantum Technology Winfried Hensinger at TEDxSussexUniversity (June 2013)

BBC One, Inside Out (October 2011)

Interview with Winfried Hensinger, UK Future TV (March 2008)

Short Topics Explained

Quantum Simulation - Joe Randall
Ion Trapping - Anna Webb
Resonantors - Anton Grounds
Quantum Bits - Ethan Robert Potter
Vacuum Systems - Tomas Navickas
Microchips - Weikang Fan

Indepth Overview

Winfried Hensinger: Scalable Ion Quantum Technology,
(Presented at QISW 2012 at the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford, UK. 29/03/2012)