Sussex Women in Philosophy Society

Spring Term 2014. Seminars take place on Wednesdays 1:30–3:30pm, see below for venue.

19 February             

Dr Andrew Chitty (Sussex)
Implicit Bias & Stereotype threat

Fulton 208

26 February

Dr Sarah Sawyer (Sussex)
Minds and Morals

Fulton 208

5 March

Jerker Edström (IDS)
The ‘Male Order’ Development Encounter? An approach to undressing patriarchy, emerging from the masculinities’ encounter with feminism

Fulton 210

12 March

Ben White (Sussex)
Ayn Rand & The Virtues of Selfishness

Fulton 208

19 March

Jana Elsen (Sussex)
Passages: Heidegger on Nietzsche

Fulton 212

26 March

Dr Katerina Deligiorgi (Sussex)
New Naturalistic Trends in Philosophy

Fulton 208

2 April

Dr Tomasz Kitlinski (Brighton)
Julia Kristeva's Philosophy: From the Subject­‐in-­Process through Intersubjectivity­‐in-­Hospitality to Confederations of Strangenesses

Fulton 208

9 April

Elaine Finbarr O’Connell (Sussex)
Emergent Emotins

Fulton 212

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