Department of Philosophy

Research Seminars, 2013

Philosophy Society Research Seminar, Autumn 2013, Fridays 1:00pm–3:00pm in Arts A108. All welcome.

Sponsored by the Royal Institute of Philosophy

27 Sept

Quassim Cassam (Warwick) [Chair: Michael Morris]
The Value of Self Knowledge

4 Oct

Lucy Allais (Sussex) [Chair: Katerina Deligiorgi]
Freedom and Forgiveness

11 Oct

Michael Wheeler (Stirling) [Chair: Paul Davies]
Restarting the Revolution: Cognitive Kinds, Martian Psychology and the Extended Mind

18 Oct

Louise Hanson (Cambridge) [Chair: Kathleen Stock]
How to Establish the Artistic Relevance of Ethical Value

25 Oct

Nikolaj Nottelmann (Southern Denmark) [Chair: Corine Besson]
Virtuous Interventions: A Way Out for Virtue Epistemology?

1 Nov

Matthew Ratcliffe (Durham) [Chair: Lucy Allais]
Evaluating Existential Despair

8 Nov

Keith Wilson (Sussex) [Chair: Sarah Sawyer]
What's ‘Looks’ Got To Do With It?

15 Nov

Tim O’Connor (Indiana, visiting Oxford) [Chair: Tony Booth]
Two Concepts of Emergence

22 Nov

Fiona Woollard (Southampton) [Chair: Andrew Chitty]
I I Me Me Mine: Rethinking Self-Ownership

29 Nov

Mahon O’Brien (Sussex) [Chair: Gordon Finlayson]
Heidegger and Mass Society

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