Department of Philosophy

Research seminars

These (mostly) weekly research seminars provide an opportunity for staff and students studying Philosophy/SPT at all levels to come together and listen to current research by leading scholars from the UK and abroad.

Sussex Philosophy Society & SPT Autumn Term 2018-19 Programme

Sponsored by the Royal Institute of Philosophy

The University of Sussex Philosophy and Social and Political Thought seminars provide a friendly and intellectually stimulating environment to discuss new ideas. We meet on campus on Fridays 4.00-6.00 pm at Arts A 108.


5th October:
Ruth Kinna (Loughborough)
‘Women Nihilists and Anarchist Ethics’

12th October:
Paul Davies (Sussex)
‘Symptoms and Works’

19th October:
Colin Tyler (Hull)
“Common goods and final ends: Alasdair MacIntyre’s Thomism versus British idealism”

26th October:
Daniel Molto (Sussex)
‘Relativizing Identity’

2nd November:
Jane Heal (Cambridge)
‘Joint Intentionality, Fact and Value’

9th November:
Simon Kirchin (Kent)
‘The Concept-Conception Distinction’

16th November:
Hans van Wietarchen (UCL)
‘What is Social Hierarchy?’

23th November:
Alison Assiter (UWE)
‘Sexual Desire’

30th November:
Peter Dews (Essex)
'How to start thinking: Hegel's Logic and Schelling's "Negative Philosophy"

7th December:
Mary Leng (York)