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Project Services Support & Guidance

The links in the navigation bar provide access to support and guidance on a range of subjects to help you deliver projects as easily and successfuly as possible.

The Project Approval Framework Guidance covers everything you need to know about ensuring your project complies with the University's standard Assurance arrangements as it progresses from an initial idea to completion.

Project Performance Reporting explains arrangements for ensuring that UEG and Performance Committee are provided with necessary updates on your project's progress.

The Project Glossary clarifies the project terminology you are likely to encounter whilst delivering your project.

The Roles & Resonsibilities section explains the different roles involved in project delivery and how they should work together in a Project Governance Structure that can be applied to all UoS projects.

The Document Library provides standard templates for, and guidance to help you complete, a variety of project and reporting documents.  

We'll add more guidance as it becomes available. In the meantime, if there is anything missing that you feel would be particularly useful, please drop us an email at and let us know.