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Minor Route - Investigating Officer Decision


Under Regulation 2 there are two routes / procedures for dealing with disciplinary misconduct: the minor route and the major route. The minor route is appropriate for incidents which involve less serious allegations.

Examples of minor misconduct are set out in paragraph 5.1 of Regulation 2 and include use of inappropriate language, unacceptable levels of noise, and causing minor damage to property. The Categories and Routes for allegations of misconduct document provides other examples of disciplinary misconduct that are likely to progress through the minor route.

Where a case is dealt with under the minor route, the disciplinary decision will be made by the Investigating Officer. If a finding is made, the sanction(s) can include a written warning, a fine up to £250, a requirement to make good any damage, attendance on a course or workshop, or the sending of a written apology.

Minor route procedure

The procedure for cases which follow the minor route is set out below.

At any stage during the investigation, the Investigating Officer may decide that the case is more appropriate for the major route and should be decided by a Student Disciplinary Panel instead. More detailed information about the major route is located on the Major route page.

Minor route procedure

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