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Major Route - Student Discipline Panel Decision


Under Regulation 2 there are two routes / procedures for dealing with disciplinary misconduct: the minor route and the major route. Where the incident involves serious misconduct, or if there are repeated instances of less serious behaviour, the case will usually follow the major route procedure.

Examples of major misconduct are set out in paragraph 6.1 of Regulation 2 and include allegations such as violent behaviour, sexual harassment, or conduct which may lead to a criminal conviction. The Categories and Routes for allegations of misconduct document provides other examples of disciplinary misconduct that are likely to progress through the major route.

Where a case is dealt with under the major route, the decision will be made by a Student Disciplinary Panel following a hearing. If a finding is made, the sanction(s) can include a written warning, a fine up to £1000, a requirement to make good any damage, attendance on a course or workshop, or a recommendation to the Vice-Chancellor that the student be suspended or excluded for a fixed period of time, or excluded permanently from the University.

Major route procedure

The procedure for cases which follow the major route is set out below.

Any student who is involved in a case heard by a Student Disciplinary Panel will receive more detailed information about the procedures, timescales and arrangements for the hearing.

At any stage during the investigation, the Investigating Officer or the Registrar and Secretary may decide that the case is more appropriate for the minor route. If so, the matter will not be referred to the Student Disciplinary Panel and instead, the Investigating Officer will make the decision themselves. More information about the minor route can be found on the Minor route page.

Major route procedure

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