Planning, Governance and Compliance

Planning round 2011-12

The planning round has an iterative process, culminating in the main School Strategic Planning Meetings, chaired by the Vice-Chancellor. The intention is that documentation is refined during the autumn and spring terms before the Strategic Plan and Operating Statement are finally agreed. Heads of School will then have autonomy to manage their School, providing that progress throughout the year is within the parameters and budget agreed at the Strategic Planning Meeting. As occurs in many areas of University business, accountability through appropriate confirmation/authorisation of actions will be necessary (e.g. proceeding to the appointment of staff).

PVC Bob Allison is the academic lead for the planning process.

The Planningroundannualtimetable [DOC 295.00KB] details the date by which specific tasks should be completed and the individual(s) involved. This will be updated on an annual basis.

Templates for this year's planning round remain the same as for last year. 

Angela Pater, Deputy Academic Secretary