Planning, Governance and Compliance

Mr Martin McCann

Member appointed by Council (first appointed: August 2013, re-appointed for a second term of three years on 1 August 2016 until 31 July 2019).

Martin McCann has been Chief Executive of RedR UK since 2007. He has been involved in international development and humanitarian work for the last 30 years, ranging from a two-year volunteer posting in West Africa to seven years as the Global Program Director of Plan International. Martin also worked at Practical Action and was the founding Chair of the pan agency Hope for African Children Initiative.

Martin also serves as a member of the Trustees of the Sphere Project, of Engineers without Borders, and PM4NGOS (PM stands for Project Management). He also sits on the Steering Group of Enhancing Learning and Research for Humanitarian Assistance and is a stakeholder in King’s College Humanitarian Futures Program. His undergraduate degree is from the University of Toronto and he holds an MA in Rural Development Administration from the UEA.

Member of the following Committees:
Finance and Investments Committee
Honorary Degrees Committee