National Student Survey

The annual National Student Survey (NSS) asks final-year undergraduate students across the UK to rate their university experience.

The survey is run on behalf of the UK Government and is used to assess the quality of a student's degree as a whole. If Sussex students decide to take part, they should think back over their three years at university when responding.

It is conducted by the external polling company Ipsos-MORI. All the personal contact with Sussex students, eg by phone or email, is carried out by them, not the University.

Sussex, like other UK universities, is required to take part.

Both the University and the Students’ Union believe that the NSS is a worthwhile exercise.

By giving a few minutes, Sussex finalists can help to inform students who plan to enter university in 2015-16 about the quality of their course (and Sussex) and help them to decide what and where to study.

Current Sussex finalists weresent an email by Ipsos-MORI during the week beginning Monday 10 February, inviting them to complete the NSS.

It remains open until the end of April – students should take their time to give their considered feedback.

The University is encouraging students to complete the survey or to opt out. By doing one of these two things, they will not receive any further communications about the NSS from Ipsos-MORI.

It is quick and easy to complete or opt out at

Once students have completed, or opted out of, the survey, they can show their confirmation email to the Library service desk to receive a £5 voucher to spend in catering outlets on campus, including those run by the Students’ Union.

The University will also give each School £1000 to be spent on improving social space for students if they get a 50% response rate (subject to a minimum of 23 responses) in each of their subjects.

To find out more, visit

Take the survey

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The 2014 NSS went live for Sussex finalists from Monday 10 February.

Every Sussex student who completes or opts out of the survey will be given a £5 voucher to be spent on food and drink in Sussex Food or Students' Union outlets.


So far, 2,008 Sussex finalists have completed the 2014 NSS.

That's around 68% of those eligible - above the 50% threshold needed in order for the scores to be published.


For information or help about promoting the survey at Sussex, contact James Hakner, Communications Officer. E or T ext. 7966.

For information on how the NSS results are used at Sussex, contact James Bluring, Data and Management Information Co-ordinator. E