National Student Survey

The annual National Student Survey (NSS) asks final-year undergraduate students across the UK to rate their university experience.

The survey is run on behalf of the UK Government and is used to assess the quality of a student's degree as a whole. If Sussex students decide to take part, they should think back over their three years at university when responding.

It is conducted by the external polling company Ipsos-MORI. All the personal contact with Sussex students, eg by phone or email, is carried out by them, not the University.

Sussex, like other UK universities, is required to take part.

Both the University and the Students’ Union believe that the NSS is a worthwhile exercise.

By giving a few minutes, Sussex finalists help to inform students who plan to enter university about the quality of their course (and Sussex) and help them to decide what and where to study.

The 2014 survey ran from February until the end of April. More than 2,100 Sussex finalists took part, around 71% of those eligible.

The results will be published in August.

Thank you for taking part

Just over 2,100 Sussex finalists completed the 2014 NSS.

That's around 71% of those eligible, which means that up-to-date information about studying at Sussex will be made available to potential new students.


For information about how the survey is promted at Sussex, contact James Hakner, Communications Officer. E or T ext. 7966.

For information on how the NSS results are used at Sussex, contact James Bluring, Data and Management Information Co-ordinator. E