Saving the critically endangered brown-headed spider monkey

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Act now and save the brown-headed spider monkey from extinction............

Spider monkey hangingYilda CacaoThe Chocoan biodiversity hotspot in NW Ecuador is one of the most threatened rainforest ecosystems in the world. Esmeraldas Province has the highest deforestation rate in the country with only 2% of the original forest cover remaining.

These forests are home to an incredible number of species only found here - and that includes the most endangered primate in Ecuador and one of the top 25 most endangered primates globally, the brown-headed spider monkey (Ateles fusciceps fusciceps).

Working since 2005 to determine the status of this primate, we have now identified one of the last healthy populations and know what we have to do to bring the species back from the brink of extinction.

Parabiologists workingAlthough the daily pressures on the forest mean we are losing this habitat at an incredible rate, we do have a clear and effective action plan to conserve them but we urgently need your help to carry it out before these forests disappear forever.

With your support we will:

  • Establish a protected reserve for the brown-headed spider monkey.

  • Develop local sustainable livelihoods through our Spider Monkey Chocolate Project that links local farmers to ethical buyers promoting forest conservation.

  • Extend the Parabiologist Program employing local community members to carry out scientific research and expand our knowledge of this understudied forest habitat.

  • Reintroduce captive spider monkey populations to the Mashpi reserve.

  • Reforestation of degraded areas to extend the core protected area for this species.

We believe in zero extinction and together we can save this primate, please donate and support us to make a real difference.