Pearl Lab

Signal Transduction and Transcriptional Regulation

Structural and Mechanistic Biochemistry

Chromatin Remodelling

In collaboration with Dr. Jessica Downs (Sussex) we are studying the structure and function of the RSC and INO80 chromatin-remodelling complexes and their roles in DNA damage repair.
Specific areas of interest include :
  • Rsc-BAH domain function in chromatin recognition
  • The role of the R2TP complex in assembly of chromatin remodelling complexes
We have been studying the structural basis for regulation of a range of protein kinases involved in signalling pathways of importance in cancer.
Specific areas of interest include :
  • Recruitment of GSK3β to the Axin-APC scaffold in Wnt signalling
  • Trans-activation and regulation of the CHK2 DNA damage checkpoint kinase   
  • Activation and regulation of the human Ire1α Unfolded Protein Response kinase/ribonuclease (collaboration with Dr Maruf Ali, Imperial College)

Lipid Signaling

In collaboration with Dr. Matilda Katan, (UCL) we have been studying the structural basis for downstream signalling by members of the phospholipase C family.
Projects include :
  • Interaction of phospholipase Cε with Ras
  • Interaction of phospholipase Cγ2 with Rac