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Cognitive Neuroscience Seminar (CNI) - Science/Faculty Presentation - Matt Plummer

Tuesday 13 October 13:00 until 14:00
Online format, Zoom Link:
Speaker: Dr Matt Plummer
Part of the series: Cognitive Neuroscience and Imaging (CNI)

Abstract: Episodic memories are prone to ‘updating’, that is, memories can be strengthened or distorted after their initial encoding. The majority of research has examined the cognitive and neurocognitive mechanisms for the updating of elaborate episodic memories. However the goal of the present research was to examine the neurocognitive mechanisms underlying the updating of simpler episodic memories, such as memories for faces. In a novel repeated recognition paradigm, EEG was recorded whilst participants completed two recognition tests, with target faces (shown during a previous learning phase) presented amongst four distractor faces (not seen prior to the first test) in both test 1 and 2. Behaviourally, memory updating during the second test (measured as the proportion of recognition trials where the same face was selected between test 1 and 2) was more likely if initial recognition was made with high confidence judgements, an effect observed for both correct and incorrect recognition attempts. The electrophysiological correlates of face memory updating were analysed with both ERPs and oscillations, with ERPs largely corresponding to the retrieval and reactivation of target memories recognised with high confidence. However, oscillatory markers of objective, subjective and updating processes were found, indicating that ERP and oscillatory mechanisms offer unique insights into the neurocognitive mechanisms underlying the retrieval-induced updating of face memories.

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By: Chris Racey
Last updated: Thursday, 10 September 2020