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Cognitive Neuroscience Seminar (CNI) - Science/Faculty Presentation - Ivor Simpson

Tuesday 13 October 13:00 until 14:00
Online format, Zoom Link:
Speaker: Dr Ivor Simpson
Part of the series: Cognitive Neuroscience and Imaging (CNI)

Abstract: Bayesian probabilistic modelling provides a framework to reason about noise corrupted data, and has already exhibited tremendous impact on the analysis of brain MR images The rapid advancement of machine learning in recent years has demonstrated how probabilistic inference can be improved and augmented through the use of neural networks. This talk will introduce me, as a recently appointed lecturer in AI, and some of my previous academic work in building adaptive probabilistic models for morphological biomarker discovery from cross-sectional and longitudinal MRI data. I’ll also discuss some recent computer vision research from my time in industry and present some thoughts about applying these ideas to neuroimaging data.

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By: Chris Racey
Last updated: Thursday, 10 September 2020