The Library provides a digitisation service through the Online Reading List System and is happy to digitise any material under the terms of our CLA Scanning Licence. The licensing is complex but means that we are usually able to reproduce either a single chapter from a book or a single article from a journal. We will either scan the item internally or obtain a copyright fee-paid copy from the British Library, before then linking the digitised item to your Online Reading List. Please see our Copyright page for more information.

What do you need to do?

Please indicate in the 'Notes for library' section on your reading list if you want your students to read a single chapter or article. This cannot be done instantly, so please allow the same amount of time as you would for a book purchase request.

To request digitisation for a book chapter, please supply the following information:

Author | Title | Year | Edition | Publisher | Chapter title | Page numbers

For a journal article, please supply the following information:

Author | Year | Title | Journal | Volume | Issue | Page numbers