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17096 An internalization approach to joint ventures: the case of Coca-Cola in China
15330 The Sociology of Globalization
10024 The political economy of global environmental governance
9050 Car accidents and credit hire agreements
8256 Against remediation
8159 From 'Theories of Hegemony' to 'Hegemony Analysis' in International Relations
7886 The Syrian refugee crisis: a comparison of responses by Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States
7819 UK Energy Policy 1980-2010: A history and lessons to be learnt
6727 Access to basic education in Ghana: the evidence and the issues
6025 Group virtue: The importance of morality (vs. competence and sociability) in the positive evaluation of in-groups.
5811 The ghost in early modern Protestant culture: shifting perceptions of the afterlife, 1450-1700
5752 Danone v. Wahaha: who laughs last?
5658 Corruption in UK local government: the mounting risks
5389 Small, multigrade schools and increasing access to primary education in India: national context and NGO initiatives
5118 Bollywood eclipsed : the postmodern aesthetics, scholarly appeal, and remaking of contemporary popular Indian cinema
5087 What fosters or prevents interprofessional teamworking in primary and community care? A literature review
5011 The role of law in welfare reform: critical perspectives on the relationship between law and social work practice
4756 Ruth Ellis and public contestation of the death penalty
4693 ‘Scattered squalor’ and ‘downland homes’: interwar housing at Patcham, Brighton
4309 Blockchains and Bitcoin: regulatory responses to cryptocurrencies


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