Importing Records


Importing from Endnote

Follow these steps to import items from Endnote:

  1. In Endnote: File menu-> Export.
  2. In the Export file box, select Output type as Text
  3. In the same box, select the output style as Endnote Export (you may need to select “Select another style” if it does not appear in the list).
  4. Save the file
  5. Log in to SRO
  6. Select Import items from ‘Endnote’
  7. Select the Import more than one item tab
  8. Select Choose file, and then select the file, and click on import items.


They will now appear in your work area. You should see a list of them in a table. You will need to click on the Globe icon next to each one of these to submit it to be made live.