Download BrowZine for your tablet 

What is BrowZine?

BrowZine brings recent issues of scholarly journals to your iPad or Android tablet for browsing. BrowZine acts as a kind of browsable newstand, emphasizing current awareness and browsing over focused research.

It brings journal content together from multiple publishers and platforms into a single place, where you can save your favorite journals, view the tables of contents, and read or save articles, as new issues are released

Who is BrowZine for?

People who want to stay current on articles being published in their field – researchers, faculty, administrators, graduate students and anyone else with favorite titles.

What isn't BrowZine for?

BrowZine is not really an in-depth research tool. For that, we recommend Library Search, or the many databases and indexes for which we have a subcription.

How do I get BrowZine?

The BrowZine app is free to download from the Apple and Amazon App Stores and from Google Play. Click on the appropriate link here to start your download.

BrowZine is only available as an app for mobile devices and is not available for laptop or desktop computers. Currently there is not support for Windows tablets.

Why aren't certain journals included?

As a fairly new service, BrowZine started with a small set of publishers, but is adding more on a regular basis. To get notified about new additions, check their website or sign up for their newsletter.

Most of the major publishers are included in BrowZin such as Cambridge, Elsevier, IEEE, Nature, Oxford, Sage, Springer,Taylor and Francis and Wiley. Browzine is in the process of adding JSTOR titles back to 2005. Access to titles that we subscribe to should continue to grow, but please contact to suggest new titles and we will pass the suggestion along to BrowZine.

Where is the back content?

BrowZine is a tool to access current journal content. Most journals only go back to 2005. To search for articles, or access backfile content, please use one of our other access options, such as Library Search or one of our databases.

What can I do with BrowZine?

BrowZine synchronises content with Zotero, Mendeley, Dropbox or other services.

You can create your own digital bookshelf.

You can create alerts.

You can get the latest issue of a journal sent to you when it becomes available.

A journal on my bookshelf is greyed out and won't open. How do I fix it?

Hold your finger down on the journal until it begins to move. Click the X in the corner, then find the journal via the subject browse or title search, and add it again.