Digital Discovery Week

6th - 10th November 2017
A week of online and in-person sessions designed to develop your digital skills and practice

Digital Discovery Week is a week-long series of events celebrating and promoting digital practice, culture and skills.

A collaborative initiative aimed at all staff and students at the University organised by Technology Enhanced Learning, the Library, IT Services and the Careers and Employability Centre, we have organised a packed programme of workshops, online courses and seminars including contributions from across the University.


Sussex of the future writing competition

The world of tomorrow, today! A new short creative writing competition to help celebrate the University of Sussex's Digital Discovery week.

The theme of the contest is: Sussex in a hundred years time

What do you imagine that the University of Sussex and indeed Brighton and the world itself will look like in a hundred years time? Will robots have saved or enslaved us. What will the effects of climate change and technology have done to the environment and ourselves? How will we communicate, live and learn? Will the University ever make it to the stars?

Entries are encouraged to be as creative as possible and can take the form of a poem, short fiction piece, micro fiction, haiku or anything in between, the only limit is that entries cannot be longer than 500 words.

The winning entry will win a £25 Amazon voucher and will also be published on the University of Sussex Technology Enhanced Learning blog. Entries should be emailed in either a word document or PDF to

Please also include your full name and your University of Sussex email address in the title of the email.

The closing date for entries is the 12th of November 2017

Take 5: Digital Productivity

This course will help you find ways to organise your work in a faster and more flexible way using digital tools and services. You will try out a range of options to help you organise and manage tasks, make notes, work in teams and collaborate online. Each day the tasks can be completed during a lunch break or spare time and members of the Technology Enhanced Learning team will be available should you have questions or wish to learn more about any of the topics.

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In Person

Pop-up Library Makerspace

Monday 6.11.17, 11am-12.30pm, Library Open Learning Space

Sign up for this 90-minute exploration of makerspace technologies facilitated by Makercart. Tinker at workstations containing 3D printers and electronics; interact with robots using smartphones and devices; even make a banana keyboard!

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Get LinkedIn

Monday 6.11.17, 12-1pm, Library Training Room

Power up your job search with LinkedIn. Many leading employers advertise their vacancies increasingly on LinkedIn, and even headhunt candidates directly from LinkedIn - so having the right profile and making the right connections can make all the difference to your career. Get hands-on and develop your profile on the spot at this practical training workshop.

This session will cover how to build an effective LinkedIn profile network successfully on LinkedIn use LinkedIn for job searching and career development

NB: Please register and start creating a LinkedIn profile before attending this session, so that you've got one ready to work on during this workshop

The Great Sussex Podblast

Monday 6.11.17, 1-4:30pm, Library Open Learning Space

Are you a veteran podcaster, are you just starting out or are you podcast curious? If you answered yes to any of these, then this event is for you. Join us as part of Digital Discovery Week as we embark on the first ever, Great Sussex Podblast.

During this event you will be given the tools and support to record, produce and create your very own podcast episode.

After an initial briefing, you’ll be ready to start recording. You’ll then be supported to edit your podcast. At the end of the session we will have a collection of individual podcasts that will be scheduled to form a series. That’s right, a whole podcast series created in an afternoon

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Digital Skills drop in: Photoshop Surgery

Tuesday 7.11.17, 12-1pm, Library Open Learning Space 

Bring your photoshop queries or images to our team of experts who will be on hand to help and advise.

Show & TEL

Tuesday 7.11.17, 12.30-2pm, Library Meeting Room

Show & TEL is a collaborative forum for colleagues across the university who have an interest in the use of technology to support teaching and enrich student learning. ‘Show & TEL’ is an opportunity to get involved in conversations around the use of learning technologies at Sussex.

The event will provide an informal space to:

  • network with colleagues from across the institution with shared interests
  • share practice and hear about the use of technology in different schools
  • learn about new projects or developments from TEL colleagues
  • feed into future developments in the use of technology in teaching and learning at Sussex

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Language Cafe

Tuesday 7.11.17, 6-7.30pm, Falmer House Room 76

Come along to the Student Union’s weekly drop-in Language Cafe session and find the table for the language you want to practise then grab some tea or coffee, meet other language speakers and join in with the activities on offer. This week’s session will feature a digital twist with different language learning tools as well as fun, interactive activities.

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Open Textbook Workshop

Wednesday 8.11.17, 10am-12pm, Careers and Employability Centre Training Room

Discover how you can find, adapt and use peer-reviewed, high quality textbooks for teaching which are openly licensed and free of charge to your students.

Open textbooks present potential solutions to challenges associated with traditionally published textbooks, such as access and affordability concerns.

This workshop is facilitated by the UK Open Textbook Project (, which is exploring the transferability of this model of textbook delivery to the UK.

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Computational 2D Design

Wednesday 8.11.17, 2.30-4pm, Library Training Room

Come and learn how the techniques of generative art have been used in different design fields to produce 2D and 3D geometries of great complexity and visual interest.

In this fun and hands-on workshop, you'll learn what is generative/computational design and how these creative technologies can assist a new generation of tech-inclined makers. You'll also have an opportunity to create your own 2D artwork using this design approach.

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What is 5G and when is it coming?

Thursday 9.11.17, 12-2pm, Library Visitor Suite

A seminar during which Professor Maziar Nekovee, Head of the Department of Engineering and Design at the University of Sussex will describe some of the novel communication technologies behind 5G, an overview of 5G industry standards, radio spectrum allocation and commercial deployment timelines in the UK and internationally. He will also briefly describe some of our future plans for 5G trials at University of Sussex, which will be carried out in collaboration with Brighton Digital Catapult.

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VR Puppet Shows: telling stories with Old Bailey data

Thursday 9.11.17, 11am-12pm, Library Training Room

This talk will present work being carried out in the Sussex Humanities Lab to create Virtual Reality Puppet shows from historical accounts. The puppet shows demonstrate an approach to working with text data using multimedia technology. In this case the text and supporting meta-data is used as a digital signal that controls the operation of the 3D scene and cooperating web components

The work being shown is part of the development of a Macroscope that is being built to explore this uncommonly rich dataset. The Old Bailey Online dataset encompasses accounts of 197,745 trials held at the Old Bailey in London, between 1674 and 1913. The Proceedings contain approximately 127,000,000 words of accurately transcribed texts, which has had substantial amounts of meta-data added to identify the administrative process (crime, verdict, punishment, etc) reflected in the accounts. In this system the puppet shows serve to provide a close reading of individual trials and a mechanism to present information and results created by scholars working in this area.

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Data Mining Workshop

Friday 10.11.17, 11am-12pm, Library Training Room

An introduction to text and data mining using the Library’s databases.Come along to this hands-on workshop to explore how you can use JSTOR, HathiTrust and other resources for text and data mining. Learn about issues of copyright and licensing relating to the use of any data that you may find.

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Throughout the week

Making the invisible, visible

The Library

Look out for exhibitions throughout the week in spaces around the Library. See how digital technologies can be used to make the invisible, visible - from 3D printed body organs through to VR tours of inaccessible spaces.

Discover Campus

Locations across campus

Explore the history of the university through augmented reality. Using your phone, let the interactive posters across campus take you on a journey into past visions of the future.


Map showing that posters can be found in the Library, the Arts complex and Falmer House

  • Download the Aurasma app to your smartphone or tablet from Google Play or the App Store.
  • Open the app, search for and follow the telsussex channel.
  • Locate one of the Discover Campus posters in the Library, the Arts complex or Falmer House,
  • Using the app, scan the poster with your camera to begin the augmented reality presentation.