Collection management

Collection management policy

The full policy is available online: Collection Development and Management Policy: Teaching and Research Collections [PDF 340.52KB] 

This page aims to provide more detail relating to managing and developing different areas of the Library collection, outlining specific policies, the processes that are followed and, where applicable, details of who is involved.

New Resources


New textbook purchases are identified from reading lists submitted by course tutors to the Library. Early submission is important to ensure materials are available for the beginning of the course. Multiple copies are purchased according to a ratio based on student numbers and relative importance of texts. Copies are deposited in collections considered appropriate to meet anticipated demand - generally Core or Short. Where available, we will also purchase an E book for items that will be in heavy demand to supplement the print copies. For further information please see here.

Research books

You can either submit requests for purchase to your departmental Library Representative or via our Suggestions Link

We will buy an E Book as a matter of preference, if this is not available we will obtain a single printed copy for the Main Collection.


Requests to buy AV items to support taught courses should be submitted as part of the reading list for that course. Other requests can be made via the Suggestions Link.

You can use Box of Broadcasts to record and watch television programmes and films from over 60 channels, which can then be used for teaching purposes. Access BoB via the Online Resources page.

Subscriptions - journals etc

The Library evaluates subscription requests carefully as they are recurrent expenditures rather than one-off purchases like books. All requests are measured against a set of criteria by the Subscriptions Review Group, in consultation with academics, to ensure equitable coverage across all the subject areas. The group meets bi-monthly and you will be notified of the decision.

Full details on how to suggest a journal for subscription can be found here.

Digital archives

We are sometimes able to purchase digital archives to support current teaching and research activity. If you identify a collection you consider would be a useful addition let us know, via your library representative, indicating how it will be used to support teaching and/or research.

Stock review


We run a rolling programme of reviewing journal titles allocated to the subject area against a set of criteria. It is a system of evaluation which helps both the selection of new titles and the monitoring of current subscriptions in a way that is manageable by a few staff.

This methodology is based on a system of scoring against a set of criteria.Each of the criteria is weighted and a score assigned. Taken individually each metric has its flaws; some may be more subject biased, some may not be entirely accurate, but as a whole they provide us with a clear picture of the value of retaining the title. A fuller description of the journal evaluation process is available.

As part of this process we also look at where we have a crossover of print and online coverage, with a view to removing the printed copies, subject to agreement with Library Representatives.

Stock withdrawal

Low usage bookstock and print journals

To ensure that the collections in the Library provide the best possible support for current research and programmes of study, we undertake a rolling programme of stock revision. We work in this area using our Stock retention and withdrawal policy [PDF 81.32KB]

When new editions of a title are purchased, multiples of older editions are removed, with a single copy retained in the Main Collection.