Integrated Varroa Management

Friday 7 September 11:15 until 15:00
Laboratory of Apiculture and Social Insects, School of Life Sciences, University of Sussex
Speaker: LASI Summer workshop

Varroa mites are a serious problem to beekeepers. They harm honey bees directly and also spread virus diseases that can kill the whole colony. Until recently Varroa could be controlled using Apistan strips. However, Varroa are now resistant to Apistan. There are many alternative treatments but how effective are they, and how can they be combined to provide integrated control?


This workshop is targeted at beekeepers who want to keep the Varroa populations in their hives under control. The focus will be on how oxalic acid can be applied using the sublimation method to kill 97% or more of the Varroa without harming the bees. The workshop will also give information on the effectiveness of some other Varroa control methods including hygienic behaviour, drone trapping, and Apistan. It will also show beekeepers how to quantify the Varroa in their hives.


The workshop will take place at LASI and will combine lectures with hands on activities, and will be based on the results of LASI research carried out in the Sussex Plan for Honey Bee Health & Well Being.

Teachers include Professor Francis Ratnieks, Mr Luciano Scandian, Mr Norman Carreck, Dr Karin Alton and other LASI researchers.

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By: Karin Alton
Last updated: Tuesday, 24 April 2018