LASI Open Day 12th July 2014

Bees are one of Britain's most common and recognisable insects, and can be seen any sunny day as they collect nectar and pollen from flowers. Bees are remarkable and interesting animals with a strong connection to human life and culture. The honey bee, for example, has the most complex communication system of any animal with over 20 different 'signals' used to help coordinate the 10,000 or more bees living in a hive. Honey bees also pollinate flowers including many things we eat, including apples, almonds and coffee, and make 1 million tons of honey annually. The names Deborah and Melissa both mean bee. In his poem 'The Lake Isle of Inisfree', poet W. B. Yeats wrote of living in a cabine in a “bee loud glade” and in the 'Long Trail' Rudyard Kipling wrote “over then over, for the bee has quite the clover, and your English summer’s done”.   

The Laboratory of Apiculture and Social Insects is opening it's doors to the general public on Saturday 12th July 2014 between 1-5 pm. This is an opportunity to learn more about the research in honey bee health and wellbeing conducted at the University of Sussex. The Open Day may appeal to those interested in beekeeping and bee breeding. The Open day may also be of interest to gardeners, growers, garden centre staff, conservationists, land managers, parks departments, teachers, and others who want to make the land they are responsible for more bee friendly.

There will be a range of demonstrations at half hourly intervals throughout the day, the first being at 1.30pm and the last at 4pm. These will include the topics below:

  1. Queen rearing and testing for hygienic behaviour
  2. Bee biology and behaviour
  3. Using the waggle dance to see where honey bees are foraging
  4. Disease control
  5. Planting for honey bees and other pollinators
  6. Communication in an ant colony
  7. BQT - Beekeepers Question Time - an opportunity to find out how LASI's bees are managed and to ask general questions about beekeeping.

Refreshments such as teas, coffees and cake will be available for purchase throughtout the afternoon.

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Sussex University is easily reached by road and rail. Falmer station is 10 minutes walk. Parking is available in visitor car parks.

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