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Introduction to Russian Language Learning on the Web

  • Learn Russian through a multimedia study experience of classic Russian literature! 
  • Critically explore the works of Pushkin, Gogol, Tolstoy and Blok, each presented in their historical context. 
  • Enjoy learning Russian literature and language through reading texts, listening to and repeating spoken Russian, watching video discussions and challenging yourself through interactive exercises.
Start your learning experience at the gallery of authors... Start your learning experience in the gallery of authors. If you do not have a frames-capable browser, use the non-frames version of the website.
Overview of the contents of the study material Alternatively take an overview of the study material to decide what you wish to study first. 
Get help with using this site Or consult the help files which offer guidance on preparing to use, using, navigating and troubleshooting this website and which advise students and teachers how they may make best use of the website as a language- and computing skill learning experience.
More inormation about this web project... If you are interested, learn more about the Ruslang project, team, site development and the internal workings of the website.
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