Sussex Centre for Language Studies

Tutorials (one-to-one)

International/overseas students are entitled to 30-minute tutorials. These are to help you with any aspect of your studies, but most students use them to ask for advice on their written work.

If English is your first language, you can access similar support through the Royal Literary Fund Fellows in the Library

How to book a tutorial:

You may book through Sussex Direct by following the link, or by browsing:

  1. Click on your Study menu in Sussex Direct.
  2. Select Student Life
  3. Select Sussex Centre for Language Studies
  4. Pick an appointment to suit you

[Please note this will only work for students, not staff]

If you need to book a tutorial but are unable to attend at any of the times offered in the schedule or they are all fully booked, please email to request a tutorial. Please give as much information as possible. 

We get very busy around assessment submission points, so it is best and more effective to use tutorials throughout the year to improve your skills before you start to write assessments.

A few rules and regulations:

  • You must email the tutor with details of what you wish to discuss at least one working day before the tutorial, attaching any work they need to read in advance: this confirms your booking.
  • If your tutorial is on a Monday, email on the Friday.
  • If the tutor does not receive an email they will cancel the tutorial - but you will be able to re-book!
  • If you make a late booking, email the tutor immediately.
  • You can only expect to see a tutor once for any assignment. If you feel you need another tutorial you can discuss this with the tutor.
  • Please note: The tutorials are not a proof-reading service.

If you are unable to come to a face-to-face meeting, please request feedback by email when you confirm the tutorial.