Staff and research postgraduates use a combined email and calendaring system which works on a Microsoft Exchange system.

Getting access to the system

The calendaring system is only available if your account has been transferred to the Exchange system. This happens automatically for some new staff but if you have changed roles, for example if you were an undergraduate but have now become a researcher or member of staff, you will need to contact us to ask for your account to be transferred.

screenshot of the calendaring system in OWA

Sharing calendars

It's possible to share your calendar with other Exchange users - you can give them read only access (Reviewer) or allow them to update items (Editor).

Using the calendar

Once your account has been transferred to the Exchange system, you can use your calendar with various programs and devices:

Outlook Web App (OWA)

You can use the calendar from any web browser, on any computer that's connected to the internet - just login to webmail with your IT username and password. If your account has been set up on the Exchange system, you will be redirected to OWA where you can click on the Calendar button (bottom left) to see your diary.


You can also use the calendar with the desktop version of Outlook. This is available for Windows PCs and Macs. To set up Outlook the first time you use it, please see the page on how to set up your preferred mail program.

Calendar or iCal for Mac

If you're a Mac user, you can connect to your Sussex calendar with Calendar (renamed from iCal in the most recent versions of Mac OS). If you follow the instructions to set up Mac Mail, there is a tick box at the end of the process to set up the Calendar as well. However you can also add the account separately:

  • in Calendar, choose Preferences and Accounts
  • click on + to add a new account
  • choose Exchange or Exchange 2007 as the account type
  • enter your email address (eg and password
  • put in your IT username (eg ano23) if asked and then click on Create

iPhone, iPad or Android device

Follow the instructions to set up email on your device (PDF) to get access to email and calendaring on your mobile device. Please note that if you don't already have a password on the phone or tablet, you will need to choose one before you can start to use your email and calendar.