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I have forgotten, or don't know my username and/or password. What should I do?

If you have registered a personal email address or mobile phone number, please go to the forgotten password page on Sussex Direct and enter your IT username. You can then ask for a reset password link to be sent to either your email address or your mobile phone.

If you don't know your IT username, or if you have forgotten your password but have not registered a personal email address and/or mobile telephone number in Sussex Direct, please contact the IT Service desk in Shawcross for assistance.

Staff systems
The advice above is for usernames or passwords for Sussex email, Sussex Direct, Study Direct and PC logins to student or teaching computers. If you are a member of staff and need a new password for Web Reports or the Course Management System, please complete the online help request form.

Your username
When you login to any Sussex online service except those given below, you must enter your username only (that is, your Sussex 'sign-in' name such as ano23), not your Sussex email address.  If you enter your email address, your password won't be accepted.

However, when connecting to a network such as the campus wi-fi (eduroam) or the wired connections in residences and offices, you need to enter your username followed by '' (for example,

When you login to the Office 365 portal and Box you will also need to enter you username followed by '' (for example,

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