International Summer School


Session 2

'Race' and Ethnicity in British Society
Module Code: IS063
Level: 5
Field trip fee: £60

2017 Syllabus [PDF]
This module examines the origins and implications of the idea of ‘race’ in British society. Starting with historical snapshots of key moments in British history, with a racial focus, we look at how ‘race’ is imagined and thought about and the impact of racial difference and racialised thinking on the lives of people in Britain today. In particular, this module uses lived experiences, both from the class and of British people (on CD, film and in texts) from which to consider contemporary theoretical understandings of the concept of ‘race’, representations of ‘race’, racialised conflict and racism. The classroom discussions on this interactive module will be lively and highly relevant to our relationship with ‘race’ in the 21st century.

The Sociology of National Identities
Module Code: IS274

Level: 5
Field trip fee: £50
2017 Syllabus [PDF]
Who am I? Who are we? The distinctions that we draw between others and ourselves shape the kinds of social relations that we form. In a globalising world, national identity has become increasingly significant. Therefore this module should interest students studying contemporary societies across a wide range of social sciences and humanities, and those who are interested in a sociological perspective.
Who do ‘the British’ think they are? How do the British define ‘others’? What kinds of social relations do the British seek with others? Rival claims about national identity have been central to recent debates and referenda about Scotland’s membership of the United Kingdom and the UK’s membership of the European Union. This makes the UK a richly resourced setting to examine how closely issues of national identity, international migration and globalisation are related to political change.