International Summer School

Media and popular culture

Session 1

British Popular Culture
Module Code: IS019A
Level: 4
Field trip fee: £40 
2017 Syllabus [PDF]
What are the most influential debates that have shaped the study of popular culture? Why the apparent contradiction between the ‘difficulty’ of theory and the ‘ease’ of popular culture? Why is popular culture dismissed within traditional academic circles? Is popular culture empowering, or the product of a culture ‘industry’ imposed upon us? In our analysis of British popular culture, and in developing a critical working knowledge of theoretical perspectives and contemporary debates, you use a wide range of media texts, cultural practices, and critical commentary, and the cosmopolitan and multi-faceted city of Brighton & Hove itself.

Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll 
Code: IS116
Level: 5
Field trip fee: £45 
2017 Syllabus [PDF]
Ever since Elvis Presley wiggled his hips and Jerry Lee Lewis married his underage cousin, the music industry and the media have been locked in a mutually dependent relationship that oscillates between love and outright war – in the middle of this is the publicist. This module examines the public relations (PR) industry and its role within the music industry, as well as the consumer’s place in the process. We examine the history of music PR in the UK through the successes and scandals of bands like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Sex Pistols, and their impact on Britpop phenomenon of the 90s and music today.