International Summer School

International relations

Session 1

Human Rights: Bridging Theory and Practice
Module Code: IS196
Level: 4
2018 Syllabus [PDF]
You consider some of the key achievements of the human rights movement around the world. Themes discussed will include the philosophical and political roots of modern human rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, developments in international human rights law, expansion of the global human rights system, human rights education as the basis for global citizenship, and finally minority rights and the rights of foreigners. This module follows an interdisciplinary approach to human rights and is specifically designed to appeal to students with different academic backgrounds.

Session 2

Issues in International Security
Module Code: IS197
Level: 4
2018 Syllabus [PDF]
Security was conventionally considered in terms of protecting a sovereign territory through armed force. In this light, the state and its survival were the central maxims. However, over the last two decades, new sources of (in-) security have become the focus for both academics and policy makers, widening the security agenda to include such issues as climate change, global pandemics and poverty. Moreover, the post-Cold War world has witnessed the resurfacing of large-scale ethnic violence and genocide as well as the apparent ascendance of global terrorist networks and a highly controversial ‘War on Terror’. This module introduces you to a broad range of issues that shape the contemporary study of international security including: concepts of ‘national’ and ‘human’ security; the transformation of the Western way of warfare; terrorism; genocide; and Weapons of Mass Destruction.