International Summer School


Session 1

Walking into History, Brighton & Hove: the City and Social Change
Module Code: IS074
Level: 4
2017 Syllabus [PDF]
Brighton & Hove is a city like no other; it grew on a part of the coast that allowed for cargo to be landed and easily transported inland, it developed both fishing and farming industries (as well as profitable smuggling enterprises!). From the 1750s it was one of the first ‘seaside health resorts’ but was made ultra-fashionable by the Prince Regent in the 1820s. Modern Brighton is a cosmopolitan city, famous for its restaurants, arts, theatre and cultural scenes, radical in its politics, with two universities and with a large gay community. In this module you visit diverse local communities and investigate how social and economic change has affected these neighbourhoods. You will do detective work in the streets and squares, beaches and public parks of the city, as well as in local libraries and archives.

Note: Please bring money for bus fares.

Session 2

Youth and Youth Cultures in Modern Britain
Module Code: IS253
Level: 5
Field trip fee: £45  
2017 Syllabus [PDF]
From the music of One Direction to the clothes of Ben Sherman, British youth culture informs the everyday experience of our globalised world. This module places contemporary youth culture in its historical and global context, using films, literature like McInnes’ Absolute Beginners, television documentaries and music. We consider the theories, ideas and concepts behind the emergence of a port-war youth culture, as well as key debates, such as around class, gender and ethnic diversity. We use Brighton as a case study in British youth culture development through the film Quadrophenia and the 1960 documentary Living For Kicks. There will be a field trip to a London exhibition.