International Summer School


Session 2

Sussex Landscapes
Module Code: IS108 
Level: 4 
2018 Syllabus [PDF]
The Sussex countryside is immensely varied and packs a range of types of landscapes into a small physical area – windswept shingle beaches, high open chalk downlands, deep wooded valleys and wild flower meadows. These have been modified by the hand of man to accommodate farms and villages, towns, ports, and cities. You investigate some sample landscapes: both human and physical, to understand better the Sussex environment.

Note: Please bring money for bus fares.

Youth and Youth Cultures in Modern Britain
Module Code: IS253
Level: 5
Field trip fee: £50  
2018 Syllabus [PDF]
From the music of One Direction to the clothes of Ben Sherman, British youth culture informs the everyday experience of our globalised world. This module places contemporary youth culture in its historical and global context, using films, literature like McInnes’ Absolute Beginners, television documentaries and music. We consider the theories, ideas and concepts behind the emergence of a port-war youth culture, as well as key debates, such as around class, gender and ethnic diversity. We use Brighton as a case study in British youth culture development through the film Quadrophenia and the 1960 documentary Living For Kicks. There will be a field trip to a London exhibition.