International Summer School

Gender Studies

Session 1

Gender, Violence and Society
Module Code: IS238
Level: 5

Please note, this module has now reached full capacity for our 2018 enrolment. Therefore if you submit an application for Gender, Violence and Society, you will receive an offer for your alternative choice.

2018 Syllabus [PDF]
This module considers how gender and violence are understood and conceptualised within western society focussing upon the UK. You explore how media and popular culture reinforce some of the wider inequalities concerning gendered violence. You begin by defining and contextualising what is meant by gendered violence. You examine the main theories explaining gendered violence and its production through interlocking systems such as race, class, sexuality and disability, before looking at the media and how they impact upon our understanding of crime and violence. Finally you examine myths, in particular, rape myths; looking at examples within the media and its impact within the wider Criminal Justice System. In order to understand the impact the media has on how gendered violence is reported, you will have the opportunity to complete your own content analysis of a form of media, either print newspaper or film.