International Summer School

Film Studies

Session 2
British Film
Module Code: IS099
Level: 5
Field Trip fee: £15
2018 Syllabus [PDF]
What makes a British film? What is the magic ingredient that transforms it to the level of world cinema? Films like Four Weddings and a Funeral; British documentaries; the Monty Python films; Bend it Like Beckham; the Harry Potter series; Slumdog Millionaire; Shaun of the Dead; and The King’s Speech, winner of four Oscars, have all attracted international attention, and made British actors, writers and directors bankable celebrities. Exploring behind the scenes of British Film, you do presentations, act, soundtrack and learn about cinematography and editing. You write your own film critiques, learn to pitch an idea, write a page of a screenplay and attend industry-led master classes. These elements will become part of a unique record of your ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ experience at Sussex.

* This module will include field trips to the oldest cinema in the UK with a tour of the projection room and a film screening, as well as a trip to the Big Beach Cinema (details to be confirmed).