International Summer School


Session 1

Global Economic Issues
Module Code: IS023
Level: 4
Field trip fee: £30
Prerequisite: a module at college or university conveying an understanding of economics principles 
2018 Syllabus [PDF]
Does minimum wage legislation lead to job losses? Was the United States justified in its protection of its steel industry through high import tariffs? Should the EU protect its footwear producers from Chinese exports?

This module enables you to analyse these types of public policy questions in an international context. You learn how to research, debate issues and present your work.

Session 2

Corporate Finance  - Financial Strategic Planning
Module Code: IS222
Level: 5
Field trip fee: £50
Prerequisite: a basic principles of finance module and some knowledge of algebra and maths
2018 Syllabus [PDF]
This module introduces you to applied and practical approaches to finance, including financial principles, analysing the capital structure of companies, valuation techniques to assess strategic decisions such as mergers and acquisitions or raising capital. You engage in the lively and stimulating debate about problems such as international tax (tax avoidance and allowances) and financial management of multinational corporations. You will also develop your understanding of corporate finance as a tool for making strategic decisions.