International Summer School

Business and management

Session 1

Module Code: IS147
Level: 4
2018 Syllabus [PDF]
How do you turn a great idea into a viable business? What do Richard Branson, Walt Disney and Mark Zuckerberg have in common? This module introduces you to who entrepreneurs are, what they do and how they do it, and explores the managerial issues that people face in the process of starting an enterprise.

International Business
Module Code: IS180
Level: 5
2018 Syllabus [PDF]
The module gives you an overview of international business from the perspective of the aspiring manager.
The issues facing the international manager are among the most diverse, complex and interesting issues in business management today. Not only must you understand the global economic and business environment but also the stages and mechanisms by which companies expand internationally.

Session 2

Managing Innovation
Module Code: IS167
Level: 5
2018 Syllabus [PDF]
Innovation is central to the success of most companies and a means to develop a sustainable competitive advantage. Companies seeking to manage their innovation programmes face a dynamic set of issues, challenges and attitudes. This module aims to provide an integrative approach in managing market, technological and organisational changes for better innovation and focuses on the challenges companies face when they bring innovation to market.

Marketing Strategy
Module Code: IS163
Level: 5
2018 Syllabus [PDF]
Marketing managers aim to develop and implement marketing strategies that can create and sustain competitive advantage for the organisation in the marketplace, not just for today, but into the foreseeable future. This module provides you with theoretical and practical perspectives of marketing strategy, the strategic marketing planning process and associated activities, including customer relationship management, market-led innovation and marketing measurement.