International Summer School


Session 1

Introduction to Drawing
Module Code: IS097
Level: 4
Field trip fee: £40 
2017 Syllabus [PDF]
This practical drawing module is designed to develop your observational skills and allow you to form a personal visual language to analyse, interpret and communicate visually. You cover a range of techniques and media including still life, portraiture and life drawing. Group workshop sessions and one-to-one tuition will be underpinned by individual research and practice, for which guidance will be given. You are expected to take advantage of galleries and museums locally and in London, and there will be a class trip to the National Gallery in London.

You do not need to have previously undertaken formal study in art - enthusiasm is more important than experience.

The Royals: the British Monarchy through Art and Architecture
Module Code: IS265 
Level: 5 
Field trip fee: £100
2017 Syllabus [PDF]
This module studies the role of the British monarchy as patrons of art and architecture, while also providing a general historic overview of British royal history from the 16th to the 21st century. British royal palaces have always been considered places of beauty and power. Filled with stunning collections of art they were showcases of interior design and court taste. The Royal Collection is one of the richest and largest art collections in the world and was influenced heavily by French, German and Far Eastern cultures. Some of the palaces don’t survive but left a mark on other buildings, others are still used and lived in by the British royal family, yet others have undergone a change in function and use.

In broadly chronological order we will examine the architectural and cultural history of Royal palaces, together with their interiors, collections of paintings, ceramics and textiles, with the aim of understanding English court style and royal patronage. In British royal history a few kings and queens stand out as the most dedicated collectors and patrons of the art, such as Charles I, George III, George IV and Queen Victoria. These monarchs will be a particular focus of the module. Throughout the module we will discuss contemporary types of uses and interpretation of the palaces and the Royal Collection.

Visiting some of the royal buildings and the art collections they contain is a crucial element of the module. We will therefore make several field trips to major royal palaces in the South East of England, such as Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, Hampton Court and the Brighton Pavilion.