International Summer School


Session 1

English Folklore
Module Code: IS095
Level: 5
Field trip fee: £90
2017 Syllabus [PDF]  

Ancient traditions flourish in England, a land rich in folklore. We shall examine the survival of fascinating old customs such as hazardously chasing cheeses down a steep Gloucestershire hill and the May Day processioning of a fearsome beast: the Padstow ‘Oss’. You discuss the legends of King Arthur, Robin Hood and the mysterious ‘green man’. You visit sites of world significance including the extraordinary natural feature of the Devil's Dyke, and the gigantic Long Man of Wilmington, both near Brighton. In the ancient city of Winchester, you sample the unique 'wayfarer dole' and view Arthur's Round Table. Finally, you visit the awesome 3,500 year-old sarsens and bluestones of Stonehenge, the inspiration of legend, including ‘the healing stones’.