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‘First impressions of the UK’ Photography Competition 2019

International Student Support’s annual photo competition offers new international students an exciting opportunity to share the sights that impact you the most during your first few weeks in the UK. This could include the British weather, food, new friends, Sussex campus, your accommodation, new experiences, Brighton and the local area or anything else that captures your imagination!


There are also some great prizes up for grabs:
1st place will receive a £50 Amazon voucher!
2nd place will receive a £30 Amazon voucher!
3rd place will receive a £20 Amazon voucher!


Take a look at our entries from 2017 for inspiration!
How to enter
1. The competition will run from Saturday 21 September until 4pm on Monday 21 October.
2. The theme of the photos should be 'First impressions of the UK.'
3. You can enter up to 5 of your own photos.
4. Entries can be submitted by posting an image to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #FirstImpressionsoftheUK. (Please be aware that we will not be able to view images posted to a private or protected Instagram or Twitter account.)
5. Alternatively, you can email your submission to In the email subject line please write 'Photo competition'. If your files are too large to send via email, you can also send your entries to our email address via a file sharing service such as WeTransfer (please write 'Photo competition' in the message field).
6. Please provide your full name and captions for your photos included in your social media post, email or message.


Terms and Conditions
1. The competition will open on Saturday 21 September and close at 4pm on Monday 21 October. Any photos submitted outside of this period will not be considered. The winners will be announced at 4pm on Friday 28 October.
2. To be eligible to enter you must usually live outside of the UK.
3. Students may submit a maximum of 5 entries each.
4. All photos submitted must be your own.
5. Unless you tell us otherwise directly, by submitting your entries you are giving us permission to use your photos on our website and on other publicity materials. All photographs used in this way will be accredited with your name. If you do not wish to have your photos used in this way, please let us know by emailing You will still be able to take part in the competition if you do not want your photos used in this way.
6. If any of your photos prominently feature another person, please ensure you have their permission to enter the photo into the competition and that they are aware it may appear on our website and other publicity materials. This applies to any person whose face is clearly visible in your photo, even if they are not the main focus.
7. Any photos that have obviously been digitally altered or had elements added or removed using editing software (e.g. Photoshop) will be disqualified. Minor digital enhancements such as filters are acceptable.
8. Please take all necessary precautions to ensure your health and safety when taking photos. Please do not place yourself in any potentially hazardous positions or situations (e.g. high ledges, busy roads) in order to capture a photo for this competition.
9. International Student Support will judge all of the photography entries and choose a winner.
10. The student with the winning photograph shall receive a prize of a £50 Amazon voucher.  The 2nd place student shall receive a £30 Amazon voucher. The 3rd place student shall receive a £20 Amazon voucher.

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