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One World Week 2019 is taking place from Monday 18 - Friday 22 March 2019 and applications are open now.

You can apply by visiting or by clicking on the link in the 'See Also' box on this page.

If you have an idea for a cultural event to be scheduled outside of the main One World Week, you can discuss this with us and apply for funding to support your event. We call these One World Sussex events.

What is the difference between 'One World Sussex' and 'One World Week'?

‘One World Week’ happens at Sussex in March each year and aims to celebrate the diversity of our campus community, raise awareness of global issues, and encourage cultural understanding.  Take a look at the programme for 2018., and at the video at the right hand side of this page to get an idea of what One World Week involves. Due to the success of that week, we have extended the ‘One World’ ethos to incorporate any events and initiatives which take place outside of the main week in March, but which still celebrate our global diversity at Sussex.

How can I or my department, club, or society get involved with One World Sussex during the year?

Use the logo: 

You may wish for your event to have the ‘One World Sussex’ logo on its promotional materials, so that students and staff know that the event in some way celebrates the ‘One World’ ethos of cultural inclusivity and awareness.  Use of the ‘One World Sussex’ logo is restricted and must be permitted by both International Student Support and the Students’ Union, so if you would like to use it for your event then please complete an application form and email it to To clarify, you can apply to use the logo even if you don’t want to apply for any funding.

Bid for funding:

The ‘One World Fund' is available to financially support the activities of staff and student groups/societies who wish to put on an event, either during One World Week in March, or throughout the year.

If you would like to bid for funding, please download the application form on the right of this page and email it to

How can I or my department, club or society get involved with One World Week 2019?

For an informal chat about your event ideas with someone from the One World Week organising committee, please email us at

If you would like to bid for funding, please visit and download the application form.

A look back at a previous One World Week

Thousands of students have taken part in One World Week since it was launched at Sussex in 2014 by attending events or contributing to the programme with their own events.

Take a look at our video montage of some of the highlights from 2016:

Student societies were at the heart of the week and organised many cultural events that showcased food, language, and culture.


One World Week gallery

Photo highlights from previous One World Weeks


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One World Week 2018

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