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Freshers of '15'

Our Freshers of '15 project has now launched!


This brand new project focuses the journeys of 30 international students currently at the University of Sussex, documenting their lives as students and their experiences throughout their time studying here. The information we receive from these students, through means such as blogs/vlogs, surveys and photos helps highlight changes that can be made to the services we offer, greatly improving the university experience of current and future international students.

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Applications for Freshers of '15 are now closed, but will be shortly looking for now volunteers for September 2016!


Freshers of '16

We would like to hear your views about your life as a student at Sussex. We want you to tell us about your experiences during those first few days, but then also how you’re feeling about life at Sussex further into the term, and even later into your course too.

The information that we receive from you, in the form of short questionnaires, focus groups and blogs/vlogs will not only help to give international students a voice on important issues that affect you, but will be used to improve the services that the University provides for international students, now and in the future. You really will be making a difference to other international students by sharing your views and experiences!


Benefits of being a Fresher of '16:

  •         You will be part of a close community of students who meet regularly both in person and online
  •         You can help to give international students a voice on important issues that affect you
  •         You can attend regular social events with free food and drink
  •         You will be given an exclusive "One World Sussex" hoodie
  •         Participation in the group will give you valuable skills and experience for your CV
  •         The University will also provide you with personal Careers and Employability guidance as part of the group
  •         You will be a One World Sussex Ambassador, with the opportunity to create and organise your own event at Sussex's One World Week


What we ask of you as a Fresher of '16:

  •         That you attend 3 focus groups per year (with free food and drink provided!)
  •         That you give us short monthly online updates in the format of your choosing - you can get as creative as you like, using video, blogs, photos or simply by answering some short questions by email
  •         That you commit to the project for the time you are at Sussex as a student (we will never ask you to do anything which interferes with your studies and the level of commitment from you is minimal)


To become one of our Freshers of '16 project please email us at


International Student Support

T +44 (0)1273 67 8422