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New! Teaching and Learning Toolkit on Study Direct


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Developed by Dr Liz Sage in the Academic Development and Quality Enhancement office, Sussex's new Teaching and Learning Toolkit has now been launched on Study Direct.

Designed by teachers for teachers, the Toolkit offers tips, resources and support to people teaching at Sussex.

The Toolkit is open to anyone teaching or planning to teach at Sussex, from doctoral researchers through to senior members of staff.

If it's not already appearing on your Study Direct homepage you can subscribe to it here.

The site has been launched including five key areas:

  • Teaching for the first time
  • Peer observation
  • Teaching study skills
  • Services and support for students
  • Teaching and learning training and communities at Sussex

A number of other areas are currently under development, including:

  • Supporting students - inclusive teaching, international students, specific support needs
  • Assessment - approaches and design
  • Feedback
  • The international classroom
  • Curriculum design
  • Supervision


Visit the Teaching and Learning Toolkit on Study Direct

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