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Shut Up and Write!

Shut Up & Write is a novel way to combat the many distractions and excuses that keep you from getting your writing done.

Take a seat and get yourself comfortable, get to know the people in your group. One of the Hive Scholars will tell you when they are setting the timer. At this point you, essentially, shut up and write. No Facebook, no emails, no internet pictures of cats. The trick is to not be overly critical or too focused on writing something perfect. Write whatever comes to your head.

Editing is for later!

The next Shut Up & Write will take place on Thursday 15th December.


Shut Up & Write takes place on the third Thursday of every month at 15.30 at Dhaba Café. For more information about this and other Hive events, you can follow their blogTwitter feed, and Facebook page.

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