Doctoral School

Winter Graduation 2015-16

Congratulations to the 76 doctoral researchers whose degrees were conferred at the 2015-16 Winter Graduation ceremonies on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd January 2016.

School of Education & Social Work

Doctor of Education

Dorothy Abra Glover – Student participation in decision making in senior high schools in Ghana

Elaya Musangeya – Young women’s engagement with sport in Lusaka secondary schools, Zambia

Edwina Maureen Slater – A case study of the deployment of teaching assistants in secondary schools to support learning

Doctor of Philosophy

Sindi Fiona Gordon – Krik? Krak! Exploring the potential of creative writing for opening dialogic space and increasing personal freedom

School of Global Studies

Sufyan Abid – Islamic Reform, Piety and Charity among Muslim businessmen and entrepreneurs in Birmingham, UK

Matluba Anvar – Women and religious practices in Uzbekistan: transformation and changes in the capital of Uzbekistan in the light of the post-Soviet period

James Wallis Barnes – Stories, senses and the charismatic relation: A reflexive exploration of Christian experience

Can Muslim Cemgil – Dialectic of foreign policy and international relations: a social theory of a disciplinary gap

Narciso Antonio Mahumana – Rethinking indigenous medicine: illness (mis)-representation and political economy of health in Mozambique’s public health battlefield

Oliver Joseph Hermiston Weiss – Dependency theory and eastern bloc trade: reformulating a forgotten paradigm

Pin-Hsien Wu – Environmentalism in China and India: a comparative analysis of people and politics in two coal capitals

School of History, Art History and Philosophy

David John Boyne – Ordinary men in another world: British other ranks in captivity in Asia during the Second World War

Claudia Louise Field – Focusing the lens: the role of travel and photography in the personal and working lives of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant

Paul John Raymond Weir – British attitudes to the aerial bombardment of German cities during the Second World War

Institute of Development Studies

Naysan Adlparvar – “When glass breaks, it becomes sharper”: de-constructing ethnicity in the Bamyan valley, Afghanistan

Miniva Chibuye – The impact of rising food prices on household welfare in Zambia

School of Business, Management and Economics

Kalinca Copello – ‘Thinking and speaking for ourselves’: the development of shack dwellers’ political voice in the age of ICTs

Seong Hwang – Latecomers science-based catch-up in transition: the case of the Korea pharmaceutical industry

Vanessa Jean McKean – The role of expectations and visions of the future in the development of target-based environmental policies: the case of the UK Air Quality Strategy

Alvaro German Monge Zegarra – The demand side of the shadow economy: essays on informal consumption

Kwo-Feng Wan – Bounded thinking: framing and influences in the decision of capability investments

School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Konstantinos Blazakis – Computational methods for investigating cell motility with applications to neutrophil cell migration

Nicholas Edward Devenish – Muon antineutrino disappearance in the MINOS experiment

Zara Jane Grant – Supersymmetry searches in events with at least four leptons using ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider

Prapanporn Rattana – Mean-field-like approximations for stochastic processes on weighted and dynamic networks

James Robert Sinclair – Positioning and timing calibration of SNO+

School of Engineering & Informatics

Sultan Ali Salem S.Helal Al-Mazroui – Microwave security systems and management

Li Cheng – Transient modelling of a diesel engine and air-path control

Mohsen Fatoorechi – Electroencephalogram signal acquisition in unshielded noisy environment

Marco Gilardi – A framework for local terrain deformation based on diffusion theory

Philip Goulding – The use of electrical potential sensors in nuclear magnetic resonance and particle detection applications

Karolina Anna Jablonka – Study of film thickness in elastohydrodynamic contacts by electrical capacitance

Christopher Simon John Lobstein Adams – Development of a medical imaging based treatment technology for cancer treatment

Eleanor Martin – It’s a team game: exploring factors that influence team experience

Danny Richard Matthews – MediateSpace: applying contextual mediation to the Tuple Space paradigm

Dawood Yusuf Parpia – Neural plasticity and the limits of scientific knowledge

Shinya Sato – Design and implementation of a low-level language for interaction nets

James Richard Harry Thorniley – Information transfer and causality in the sensorimotor loop

Xiaolin Zhang – Investigation of 3D electrical impedance mammography systems for breast cancer detection

School of Life Sciences

Muruj Barri – Functional analysis of motor neuron disease-associated mutations in Tar DNA-binding protein 43 and cytoplasmic dynein heavy chain 1

Andrew John Chetwynd – Development of nanoflow liquid chromatography-nanoelectrospray ionization mass spectrometry methodology for improved urine metabolomics

Freya Crawford – Ultrastructure-function properties of recycling synaptic vesicles in acute hippocampal slices

Lenzie Ford – AB’s effect on long-term memory: a top-down approach in Lymnaea Stagnalis

Jirapas Jongjitwimol – Investigating the role of SUMOylation of eukaryotic translation initiation factors

Jonathan Katz – Invasion of the small probe molecules: an NMR investigation of the small molecule-aggregate interaction phenomena

Wei Cheat Lee – Photoelectrochemical water splitting and gas ionisation sensing using metal oxide nanostructures

Mariella Mannino – Improving treatment of glioblastoma: new insights in targeting cancer stem cells effectively

Laura Elizabeth Nicholls – Uranium silicate complexes as models for surface immobilised uranium catalysts

Sarah Louise Parry-Morris – High-throughput screening technologies for identification and expression of functional domains of proteins of biomedical importance

Sunny Kumar Singh – Biophysical characterisation of LcrH, a class II chaperone of the Type Three Secretion System

Christopher Tranter – Defending the fortress: comparative studies in disease resistance in ant societies

School of Psychology

Hani Alnabulsi – The crowd psychology of the Hajj

Tamas Borbely – The role of inhibitory control in cooperation in high functioning children with autism

Giles Douglas Iain Hamilton-Fletcher – How touch and hearing influence visual processing in sensory substitution, synaesthesia and cross-modal correspondences

Samantha Holt – An investigation of other-awareness and the collaborative process in low-functioning children with autism using shareable technology

Megan Susan Vickerman Hurst – Get fit, feel great, look amazing! Regulation of exercise behaviour and body image in women

Jennifer Victoria Wathan – Social communication in domestic horses: the production and perception of facial expressions

School of English

Hugo Blumenthal – Deconstructing appearances in the eighteenth-century English novel

Paul Richard Dulley – ‘In front of your nose’: the existentialism of George Orwell

Diarmuid Eoin Hester – Passionate destruction, passionate creation: art and anarchy in the work of Dennis Cooper

Laura Ellen Ciara Joyce – Luminol theory and the excavation of narrative and The Dead Girl Scrolls: unearthed apocalyptic fictions

Yun Pei – The prophetic Wordsworth: anxiety and self-fashioning

Hsiang-Mei Wu – Chaucer and social prejudices: a critical study of The Canterbury Tales

School of Law, Politics and Sociology

Suliman Abdullah Alkharashi – Human rights in the stage of criminal investigation: a comparison between law and practice in Saudi Arabia and England and Wales

Jill Armstrong: Following in their mother’s footsteps? What the daughters of successful career women want from their work and family lives

Satoko Horii – Frontex and the evolution of cooperation on European border controls

Freya Ross Johnson – What state are we in? Activism, professional feminists and local government

Ahmet Fatih Ozkan – The review of the law on abuse of a dominant position through soft law in the European Union and Turkey: the commission’s guidance on Art.102 TFEU and implications for the guidelines on Art.6 in Turkey

School of Media, Film and Music

Ryan Patrick Burns – Tablet computers and technological practices within and beyond the laboratory

Umme Busra Fateha Sultana – Gender, sexuality and contraceptive advertisements in Bangladesh: representation and lived experience across social classes and generations

Catherine Elizabeth Thomas – The haunted university: academic subjectivity in the time of communicative capitalism

Rachel Melanie Wood – Consumer sexualities: women and sex shopping

Brighton and Sussex Medical School

Francesca Cavicchioli – Epigenetic regulation of amino acids metabolic genes defines targets of synthetic lethality in breast cancer

Sabina Dizdarevic – Imaging physiological ABS transporter expression and its relation to disease using Tc-99m-hexakis-methoxy-isobutyl isonitrile (Tc-99m-MIBI)

Jane Peek – The lived experience of Parkinson’s: ‘a footprint in every room’

Gaby Pfeifer – The neural processes underpinning visual associative memory: a comparison of young grapheme-colour synaesthetes, older adults and young controls


Doctoral School