What is the impact of digital technology on work-life balance?

Two new videos featuring Sussex Lecturer in Information Systems Dr Petros Chamakiotis discuss the impact of digital technology on work-life balance and resulting implications for future relationships between organisations and their employees.

Dr Petros ChamakiotisDr Petros Chamakiotis

Produced as part of the Digital Brain Switch project, a collaboration between experts in computer and social sciences from several UK universities, the videos propose that workers regularly disconnect from technology in order to maintain a healthy work-life balance and that both employers and employees set and respect realistic boundaries around the need to go offline.

Dr Chamakiotis commented:

"Today, many people think they have to be online all the time, and when they're offline or out of office, they develop a fear of missing out on something important. 

"This is not just a personal issue. For some of us, it is related to the nature of our work. It therefore goes beyond individual responsibility - managers should ensure employees are not overwhelmed by thinking they need always to be online"

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Work-Life Boundaries in the Digital Age 

Three Implications of Our Digi Lives