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Bulletin - 31 July 2009

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New schools come into being

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The current academic structure of the University is about to change: officially, from 1 August, 12 new schools will come into being:

The new structures are designed to ensure that the University can deliver the growth and development set out in the strategic plan, 'Making the Future, 2009-2015'.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Michael Farthing, paid tribute to the hard work that many staff in academic and Professional Services have undertaken this year to make the new schools a reality: "I want to thank everyone involved for the commitment they have shown to getting the work done to bring the new schools into being, while continuing to deliver on current activities. These are the structures that are going to ensure our success in the future."

Heads for all new schools have been appointed, with the final appointment for Law, Politics and Sociology about to be announced. The senior leadership teams for each school are being confirmed and the full list of directors and heads of department is about to be announced.

New support teams have been appointed for each new school. In addition, professional service teams, led by three new Strategy and Operations Managers (SOMs), will provide strategic and planning support for the new schools.

Sara Hinchliffe, SOM for the science schools, said: "We are looking forward to providing a new bridge between school and central professional services at Sussex. This is a great opportunity to develop a team approach to support by professional services."

The work this year has had dedicated project-management support, and much detailed operational work continues to take place involving colleagues from Estates and Facilities Management (EFM), Finance, IT Services, Human Resources and Communications, supporting colleagues moving into the new schools.

An internal e-newsletter and online information pages have charted the progress of the creation of the new schools, and these will continue to operate for the coming weeks as the new schools bed down.

Work to support the transition from the current schools will continue through the summer, as physical moves begin next week.

Leaflets on the new schools are being posted to all continuing undergraduate students who are away from campus, with direct communication from teams in the new schools to research students and postgraduates on taught courses.

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