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Making managed migration work

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Britain needs to set up new legal ways to allow into the country low-skilled workers within a 'managed migration' policy, claims a new report by geographer Professor Russell King.

The report, based on detailed interviews with Albanians living clandestinely in Britain, strongly backs the home secretary's long-term plan to "regularise" the position of such migrants. It concludes that the pressures driving migration are so powerful that ever more draconian entry limits will have no further effect.

The real choice, says the report, is between regularising or criminalising migrants living in Britain.

'Exploding the Migration Myths' is the result of a year-long research study carried out for the Fabian Society in partnership with Oxfam. Russell wrote it in collaboration with two of his research students, Nicola Mai and Mirela Dalipaj.

28th November 2003

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