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Kroto wins Faraday Award

Professor Sir Harry Kroto (CPES), 1996 Nobel Prize winner for chemistry, will receive the Royal Society's prestigious Michael Faraday Award at a ceremony on Tuesday (29 January).

The award – widely acknowledged as one of the most prominent in UK science – is given annually to a scientist who, in the opinion of the Royal Society, has done most to further public communication of science, engineering or technology in the UK.

Sir Harry will receive the award – a silver gilt medal and £2,500 - in recognition of the time and energy he has given to promoting the public understanding of science. He carries out a formidable schedule of lectures, workshops, media programmes and interviews and is also chairman of the campus-based Vega Science Trust, which produces science programmes for TV.

Commenting on his award, Sir Harry said: "It is very satisfying to feel that the efforts my colleagues in the Vega Science Trust and I have made are recognised by such a prestigious award.

"It is particularly pleasing, as an understanding of how everyday life is critically balanced with science, engineering and technology – in particular by those in positions of responsibility such as politicians, teachers and the media – will ensure our future survival."

Previous Faraday Award winners have included Lewis Wolpert, Lord (Robert) Winston and Richard Dawkins.

After receiving the award from the President of the Royal Society, Sir Harry will give the Society's annual Michael Faraday Lecture on ‘Science, a Round Peg in a Square World."


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Friday 25 January 2002


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