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Widening the horizon for physics students

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Physics careers lecture

Academic departments are being encouraged to follow the example of Physics and Astronomy, which organised a series of workshops last week encouraging students to think about the range of different careers they could get into.

The careers day on 3 March saw speakers come from a variety of industries to discuss with physics students how flexible their degree can be in gaining future employment.

Representatives from the Royal Sussex County Hospital, Scientists for Global Responsibility and even a water management company demonstrated an array of possible areas where physicists are in demand. These ranged from becoming an expert in sludge strategy to, perhaps, more glamorous options such as journalism and ethical science research.

Dr Ralph Shiell, a Lecturer in Physics, organised the day with the help of the Career Development and Employment Centre (CDEC) and Q-Soc, the student Physics and Astronomy Society. "Physicists have a large range of skills they may be unaware of which can lead to a whole variety of different careers," said Ralph.

Bridget Millmore of CDEC helped to locate speakers and organise the event. She said it was the first time Physics and Astronomy had organised such an event and she encouraged other units to provide similarly focused careers information for their students.

"We used to do careers events on a school-by-school basis," said Bridget. "However, with the schools restructuring, we hope departments will consider starting them up again. At CDEC we can reach out to possible speakers, including alumni, who can talk about future careers."

12th March 2004

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