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11 November - 17 November

Lectures, Seminars, Colloquia

Monday 11 November

12.30pm Continuing Education Research Forum: Continuing Education into the Twenty-First Century. Fred Gray, Room D310.

2pm Particle Seminar: Vortices flux tubes and other structures in the Ginzburg-Landau model. F. Schunck, Room PB 2A1.

2pm Falmer Language Group: A topic in corpus linguistics. Geoffrey Sampson, Room A155.

2pm CulCom Lecture: Sexual Stories, Political Change and Intimate Citizenship. Ken Plummer (Essex), Gardner Centre Theatre.

4.30 Neuroscience Seminar: Molecular Genetics of Deafness. Karen Steel (Nottingham), Biology Lecture Room.

5pm Sociology & Social Psychology Seminar: Global Indoor Climate Change. Elisabeth Shove (Lancaster), Room D310.

5pm Women Studies Graduate Division Seminars: Research in Women's Lives: Insights from the Mass Observation Archive. Dorothy Sheridan, Room D730.

5pm CPES Colloquium: The Origin of the Chemical Elements. Prof Roger Taylor, MSLT.

Tuesday 12 November

12.30pm Life History Research Seminar: From Mrs Mann to Mrs Parsons: Sussex and Canada 1836-1996. Sheila Haines, Library Seminar Room 122.

1.30pm Psychology in COGS Research in Progress Seminar: Rational Analysis and Heuristic Processes for Syllogistic Reasoning. Dr Mike Oaksford (Cardiff), Room PB2A1.

3pm SEI Research in Progress Seminar: Democratisation in Central-Eastern Europe. Mary Kaldor, Room A71. 4pm COGS Seminar: Planning and Plan Recognition in support of Multiple Trauma Management. Bonnie Webber (Pennsylvania), Room PB5C11.

4.15pm Biochemistry and Genetics & Development Seminar: Apoptosis in a cell-free system. Dr Paul Clarke (Manchester), BLT.

5pm Social Anthropology Graduate/Faculty Seminar: Ottoman Memories and Nation-State Enmities. Prof Rene Hirschon (Aegean, Greece), Room A71.

5pm Graduate Seminar in Media and Culture: The Monoform : Does Television have a Democratic Future? Peter Watkins, Room D440.

5pm International Relations and Politics Research in Progress Seminar: From Namibia and Bosnia: the Contact Group in Conflict Resolution. Dr Helen Leigh-Phippard, Room D510.

5pm American Studies Open Seminar: Allegories of the Holocaust on Post-War American Fiction. Rick Crownshaw, Room D730.

5pm German Research Colloquium: Emil Nolde and the Concept of 'Degenerate Art'. K.F. Sheridan (London), Room A155.

5pm MA Language, The Arts and Education: Crossing the Distance. Maggie Gee, EDB Room 302.

6.30pm Issues in Environmental Science Lecture: The Environment Business: What companies are doing to make themselves cleaner. Jim Skea, Molecular Sciences Lecture Theatre.

Wednesday 13 November

11.30am SCOAP Colloquium: Brief History of the Laser. Prof Colin Webb, FRS, (Oxford), Room AS1.

1pm IDS Seminar: Human Development vs Economic Growth: The Sri Lankan Experience. Nimal Sanderatne (National Development Bank, Sri Lanka), IDS Room 221. 2pm USIE Seminar: Getting Published - writing, refereeing and editing practices. Gaby Weiner and Margaret Scanlon (South Bank), Room A102.

5pm English Graduate Colloquia: John Horne Tooke: Language and Law. Richard Fuller, Arts D640.

5.15pm History of Art Research in Progress Seminar: Reflections on the Raphael Cartoons exhibition. Sharon Fermor (V&A), Lecture Room A5.

Thursday 14 November

11.30pm Economics Seminar: Directed credit policy and investment in small-scale industry in India: evidence from firm-level data 1965-1978. Robert Eastwood and Renu Kohli, Room D340.

12.30pm Postgraduate History and Gender Seminar: Women Crusaders Against Drink, c. 1830 - 1870 - A Lost Feminist Discourse? Kristin Doern, Room D730.

1pm IDS Seminar: Institutional and Structural Change in Agriculture in Rajasthan: Are Participatory Methods Sufficient. Parmesh Shah, IDS Room 221.

4pm Laboratory of Experimental Psychology: How do we know how fast things are going? Peter Thompson (York), Biology Lecture Room.

5pm History Work in Progress Seminar: The Revolutions of 1848 and the British Empire. Miles Taylor (King's College London), Room A155.

5pm Sussex Development Lecture:New Paradigms of Industrialisation. Raphie Kaplinsky. Room A1 (UoS).

Friday 15 November

2pm SPRU Seminar:The Gatecrashers: A journalist's view of scientific discovery. Nigel Calder (Science Writer), EDB Room 121.

4pm Astronomy Centre Seminar: The hot massive young stars of M17. M Hanson (Arizona), Room PB1A7.

4pm Applied Mathematics and Numerical Analysis Seminar: A proof of the Benjamin-Feir instability. Tom Bridges (Surrey), Room PB1A1.

4.30pm Philosophy Society Meeting: The Vehicle-less Nature of Experiential Content. Sonia Sedivy (Toronto), Room A155.

Tree Planting

A tree will be planted in memory of Monika Schlenk on Sunday 17 November at 2pm in the vicinity of the Meeting House. Monika came to Sussex to study for a year in AFRAS under the Erasmus scheme. All her friends are warmly invited to attend.

The Gardner Arts Centre

Yolande Snaith Threatredance

A compelling new work by award winning choreographer Yollande Snaith. In an eccentric pageant of colour, movement and hilarity, absurd rituals of behaviour are transformed into the wild, explosive dance at the Gardner on 13 November at 7.45pm.

Film at the Gardner

6.30pm - Monday 11 November:
Taste the Blood of Dracula (18)

11.30pm - Thursday 14 November:
Blood Simple (18)

Sunday 17 November:
6pm - How to make an American Quilt (15)
9pm - Sunday 17 November: Strange Days (18)


12.30pm Sussex University Women: Lunch at June Bather's house, 92 Lustrells Crescent, Saltdean. At this meeting we hope to discuss the future of the group. Please bring one dish with you, a main course or desert.

The Meeting House

Lunchtime Recital

1.20pm Thursday 14 November: Mission and Dialogue in a Plural World. George Bell Association Lecture by The Rt Rev'd Michael Nazir-Ali, Bishop of Rochester.


Friday November 8th 1996

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