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Bulletin - 4 May 2007

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New books by Sussex authors

Parental responsibility book coverJo Bridgeman (Reader in Law)
Parental Responsibility, Young Children and Healthcare Law

Cambridge University Press, £50 (hardback)
ISBN: 0521863120

The publisher says: "This book provides a comprehensive examination of the legal regulation of the provision of healthcare to young children in England and Wales. A critical analysis is given on the law governing the provision of healthcare to young and dependent children identifying an understanding of the child as vulnerable and in need of protection, including from his or her own parents. This book makes an important contribution to understanding the law regulating the provision of healthcare to young and dependent children and to the development of a discourse of responsibility."

Pi-Calculus book coverMatthew Hennessy (Professor of Computer Science)
A Distributed Pi-Calculus

Cambridge University Press, £35 (hardback)
ISBN: 0521873304

The publisher says: "Distributed systems are fast becoming the norm in computer science. Formal mathematical models and theories of distributed behaviour are needed in order to understand them. This book proposes a distributed pi-calculus called Dpi, for describing the behaviour of mobile agents in a distributed world. It is based on an existing formal language, the pi-calculus, to which it adds a network layer and a primitive migration construct."

Srilanka book coverMinoli Salgado (Lecturer in English)
Writing Sri Lanka: Literature, resistance and the politics of place

Taylor & Francis, £60 (hardback)
ISBN: 045364183

The publisher says: "Focusing on ways in which cultural nationalism has influenced both the production and critical reception of texts, Salgado presents a detailed analysis of eight leading Sri Lankan writers - Michael Ondaatje, Romesh Gunasekera, Shyam Selvadurai, A. Sivanandan, Jean Arasanayagam, Carl Muller, James Goonewardene and Punyakante Wijenaike - to rigorously challenge the theoretical, cultural and political assumptions that pit 'insider' against 'outsider', 'resident' against 'migrant' and the 'authentic' against the 'alien'."

Imperialism book coverWilliam Spurlin (Reader in English)
Imperialism within the Margins: Queer representation and the politics of culture in southern Africa

Palgrave Macmillan, £39.99 (hardback)
ISBN: 9781403974136

The publisher says: "Through focusing on the sexual politics that have emerged out of post-apartheid South Africa, Spurlin investigates textual and cultural representations of same-sex desire outside of the Euroamerican axes of queer culture and politics, and considers the ways in which queer cultural productions in southern Africa do not merely intersect with western queer identity politics and cultural representations but also resist them."

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