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The Bulletin guide to eating and meeting on campus

A scene from Falmer BarFalmer Bar

This is the number-one stopping-off point for those in need of liquid refreshment for the long trek ahead to the bus stop. A revamp followed the Students' Union take-over in summer 2000, turning this traditional pub into something altogether more continental.

Sue Kipling manages together with Tarek Khalil, a Sussex graduate himself. Food is provided by Mellow Munchers, run by Hellen Piper and Andrew Freeman, Hellen's "partner in every sense of the word". Mellow Munchers also runs swanky bar 'The Saint' on St James' Street in Brighton.

Ground floor of Falmer House.

The wooden furniture and spotlighting lend a light and airy feel. On a busy Friday night, though, it packs out and finding a seat can be a pain. However, the back room is often quieter.

Just about anyone at lunch. In the evening, expect second and third years taking a break from revision hell and admin staff bolting for the closest watering hole to Sussex House. Because of its location within USSU, clubs and society types are often found indulging in pre- and après-meeting drinks. But be warned: on Wednesday evenings, Sports Fed descends and takes over.

The portions of tasty pub grub are huge, which means a nice bowl of chips or nachos is good for groups and great for greedy-guts.

Most popular dishes
Paninis (£2.25) and burgers (£4.50), are bestsellers, says Hellen, while Sunday lunch is going down a treat at £3.95. In terms of drinks, staff prefer the choice of ales available, currently Harvey's and Horsham Best (both £1.70), while the student vote goes to Kronenburg (£1.70). New additions include Australia's own VB and Mojo, where lager meets Red Bull. Mmmm.

Pool tables, games machines and perhaps the biggest beer garden on campus, which seems to stretch all the way to the Library on sunny weekdays. From June web cams will also be introduced, linked to www.ussu.net. Wheelchair users should note that the toilets in Falmer House aren't practical for usage.

Opening hours
Weekdays 11am-11pm, Saturdays closed, Sundays 12 noon-5pm.

3 May 2002

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